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Do you like to know more about eye care and vision related topics? find in our Optometry blog interesting information about optometry, ophthalmology and eye health.

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Dry eyes?

Dry eye syndrome (keratitis sicca) is a treatable eye disease that affects the cornea and can produce discomfort, eye redness, itching and vision fluctuation, usually caused by an imbalance or insufficient production of tears.

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Eye Test

Our skilled team will help you select the best lens design to help you get the best out of your vision, factoring in individual lifestyle, ergonomics and physical requirements

Eye Care

Being a third generation optometrist business we have the expertise and the technology to early detect the most common eye problems and provide you with professional eye care guidance and solutions


Established in 1895, Knapp Optometrists have been bringing the finest eyewear from around the world to our customers in Perth. Our certificated opticians will show you one of our bespoke brands.

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