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7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Glasses

When it comes to buying prescription eye wear or sunglasses, it’s very tempting to simply buy a cheaper pair online. They all seem the same don’t they? Well, unfortunately like most things in life, when deals seem too good to be true, they probably are. Whilst we might seemlingly think we have received a great deal, does the product really live up to its expectation?  The answer is probably no, and potentially with a cheaper pair of glasses, we can actually do more harm to our eyes than good.

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It’s in the evidence

A 2016 UK study published in Optometry & Vision Science, ‘A Comparison of Spectacles Purchased Online and in UK Optometry Practice’, found 79% of trial participants would purchase their next pair of spectacles from an optometrist, even if it was more convenient and cheaper to purchase online.

The study also found that of the glasses deemed unacceptable and unsafe to protecting eye health, significantly more were bought online. The most common negative feedback from those who purchased glasses online was that they did not fit properly.

Here’s what you need to Consider when buying glasses

1. Double trouble

Whilst it does seem tempting to buy a few pairs for the price of one, be mindful that there is a very good chance they won’t be durable enough to even last a few months and what if the quality of your vision with cheap glasses and sunglasses isn’t as good as it should be?

2. Warranty matters

Warranties on eye glasses and sunglasses are only as good the reliability of the retailer who provides them. Can you be sure that the online store will be around tomorrow. Established since 1897, A&K Knapp Optometry have been passed down through the generations.

3. Try them on first

Glasses are one item you should try on before you buy as every face varies and not all frame shapes suit every face shape. No one wants to end up with ill-fitting and uncomfortable frames that do not suit them. Cheaper plastic frames that have been bleached or metal frames that contain nickel alloys, can irritate or discolour your skin.

4. Precision is critical

Online prescription glasses use estimated fitting heights or patient-calculated measurements. For example, with progressive lenses the measurement between the centre of the two pupils needs to be spot-on, otherwise vision can be blurred and distorted, increasing the risk of falls and other accidents. Optometrists, on the other hand, work with precise measurements so they will know your prescription strength and weight of your lenses contribute to whether your glasses will be comfortable and look good. Vertical measurements are vital, the frame needs an angle of around 8 degrees and sit snug to the face.

5. Who will follow up?

While over-the-counter magnifiers or online prescription glasses might be convenient, regular eye examinations are key to ensuring any eye diseases are caught early. The diseases we are most concerned about is Glaucoma, Cataracts or Macular degeneration.         

6. Australian conditions are unique

In Australia, we are exposed to extremely high levels of ultraviolet rays, and so it vital that we invest in a good pair of sunglasses to protect us from such harsh conditions. UV light exposure causes early cataracts, pterigiums and causes us to lose collagen around the eye, creating significant lines or “crows feet”, without the right protection.   An eye care professional at Knapp Optometristst can explain the different sunglass lens options for the best protection for your visual needs.

7. Sage advice makes the difference

A visit to the optometrist can ensure that you look and see your best. After all, eye health is not something we can take for granted.  Your optician in Perth will give you information that is specialised to your needs.

From your choice of sunglasses and prescription lenses to Sports Glasses, Safety Glasses through to ensuring that you receive the correct advice from an Eye Examination, it pays to fully protect your eyes with a thorough eye test and some sage advice.

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