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Knapp Optometrists are friendly, highly skilled in optometry and lens and frame selection, we’d love to make sure your eyes are in optimum health, and that you look good too!

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Prescription Glasses

Do you need some new glasses? We have a large range of stylish glasses for you to choose from […]


Do your eyes need protection from the sun? We stock many different sunglasses for you to choose from […]

Safety Glasses

Do you require a pair of safety glasses for your line of work? We supply Safety Spectacles that adhere to current Australian and New Zealand standards […]

Sports Glasses

We have many options for sports people and are happy to discuss / workshop the customers’ requirements to ensure […]

Glasses Brands

Do you need a new pair of glasses? Come to our shop and Jo and her team will help you choose the pair of glasses that makes you look and feel good. 

See below for some of the brands we have for you to try on:

Prescription Glasses

Our prescription eyeglass is based on a thorough examination by our optometrists and backed up by our expertise, the parameters we prescribe are the result of our technology combined with our expertise and vast knowledge, we will provide you with corrective lenses strictly adjusted for you where appropriate.

Our process not only follow the necessary standards, it is also the result of a century of experience, good will and best practices.


Besides aesthetics and comfort Sunglasses play a vital role for your eyes, especially in Australian conditions UV rays can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. 

Furthermore, selecting a piece of glass to protect your eyes, must be a smart decision to be made, if not appropriate Cheap sunglasses could create serious problems for you eye health.

Talk to our experts and find the most suitable sunglasses woman, men or children.

Safety Glasses

We supply Safety Spectacles to current Australian and New Zealand standards. These standards exceed those of regular spectacles. 

We have a large range of the latest safety frames to satisfy each individual’s need for style and comfort and include a range of positive seal products in prescription and non prescription.

All of our safety products are endorsed and Certified by our laboratories. This means our safety spectacles meet the highest available quality and assurance available.  Proudly carrying the tick of approval. 

Whilst keeping you safe we are still able to offer a range of compliant lens options for your prescription safety spectacles. 

Bulk discounts apply to companies required to fit a workforce with safety eyewear.

Sports Glasses

We have many options for sports people and are happy to discuss / workshop the customers’ requirements to ensure we suggest to our customers the best sport specs for the intended purpose.

Cycling, surfing, swimming and running have benefitted from loads of research and development in recent times.  The results are, our sports people now have many options to choose from.

Dry eyes?

Dry eye syndrome (keratitis sicca) is a treatable eye disease that affects the cornea and can produce discomfort, eye redness, itching and vision fluctuation, usually caused by an imbalance or insufficient production of tears.

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Eye Test

Our skilled team will help you select the best lens design to help you get the best out of your vision, factoring in individual lifestyle, ergonomics and physical requirements

Eye Care

Being a third generation optometrist business we have the expertise and the technology to early detect the most common eye problems and provide you with professional eye care guidance and solutions