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Our history, expertise and knowledgeable service precedes ourselves as one of the most trusted optometrists in Perth.

Our friendly, highly skilled optometrists will assist in ensuring your eyes are in optimum health and that you walk away with a great new look.

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you can trust.

Our friendly, highly skilled optometrists will assist in ensuring your eyes are in optimum health and that you walk away with a great, new look. Our commitment to excellence and customer service sets us apart. We welcome you to step inside our store.

When you
see well,
you can
live well

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Dry eyes?

A thorough eye examination with our optometrist will determine if you have dry eyes. Our optometrist will expertly check your lid structure, blink dynamics, any history and tear production to find out the cause.

it all Began

Knapp was born in England in 1873 and migrated to Australia with his school-teacher parents when he was just eight years of age.

Having settled in Brisbane, Knapp left sc hool at aged 14 to work with Flavelle Brothers and Roberts Brisbane Optometrists. During his time he established a friendship with an optometrist in the practice, Arnold Clarke and they migrated to Perth in 1897, during the gold rush, to establish an optometry practice.

Clarke and Knapp established their practice as ophthalmic opticians and spectacle makers in Royal Arcade, Perth. Clarke later returned to England, leaving August Knapp to continue the business.  The practice of Knapp Optometrists has continued over four generations.

August Knapp went on to found the Western Australian Optical Association in 1916 and was its first and long serving president.

Today Jo and her team stand by the family histories and are still dedicated to offering expertise and knowledgeable advice.  Her strong, loyal following is a credit to her commitment.

“Bespoke, Boutique, Beautiful”

Eye Test

Our skilled team will help you select the best lens design to help you get the best out of your vision, factoring in individual lifestyle, ergonomics and physical requirements

Eye Care

Being a third generation optometrist business we have the expertise and the technology to early detect the most common eye problems and provide you with professional eye care guidance and solutions


Established in 1895, Knapp Optometrists have been bringing the finest eyewear from around the world to our customers in Perth. Our certificated opticians will show you one of our bespoke brands.

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