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Welcome to A&K Knapp, a family-owned optometry business passed down through the generations since 1897.

Our history knowledge and expertise precedes ourselves as one of the most trusted optometrists in Perth.

Book an eye test online or visit us in Perth CBD and access a comprehensive set of optometry solutions, optometrists, eye protection and the finest eyewear.

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Established 1897, this family-owned business has been passed down through the generations, offering unparalleled knowledge, expertise and excellent old fashioned customer service.

For over 100 years Knapp Optometrist has been the smart choice of thousands of satisfied customers.

Expertise and prestige, period.

Your vision is priceless and choosing the right optician will ensure not only are your eyes in optimum health but you have the lens and frames to suit your look.

For over a hundred years Knapp has been one of the preferred optometrists in Perth CBD. Our vast experience, friendly and knowledgeable team has meant we hold a special place in the eye care and eyewear industry, with its prestige built on satisfied and loyal clients.

Dry eyes?

Dry eye syndrome (keratitis sicca) is a common but treatable eye disease that affects the cornea and can produce discomfort, eye redness, itching and vision imbalances. Caused by an insufficient production of tears, dry eyes are common amongst the work place with an increase use of digital devices.


Knapp Optometrists are friendly, highly skilled in optometry and lens and frame selection, we’d love to make sure your eyes are in optimum health, and that you look good too!

“Bespoke, Boutique, Beautiful”

Eye Test

Our skilled team will help you select the best lens design to help you get the best out of your vision, factoring in individual lifestyle, ergonomics and physical requirements

Eye Care

Being a third generation optometrist business we have the expertise and the technology to early detect the most common eye problems and provide you with professional eye care guidance and solutions


Established in 1895, Knapp Optometrists have been bringing the finest eyewear from around the world to our customers in Perth. Our certificated opticians will show you one of our bespoke brands.